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View Diary: Woman fired for Kerry bumpersticker (237 comments)

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    I think this definetly qualifies.  Firing someone for supporting a candidate certainly feels like voter intimidation to me.  Sounds like more than enough to bring a case.

    But again, this is Alabama.  I actually am friends with a Democratic sympathizer in Bama and she's got plenty of horror stories of routine political and cultural intimidation.  She doesn't even think much of them because they are so much a part of everyday life there.

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      Well, I would definitely run it past an employment lawyer if I was her.  The 'bama code is a criminal statute so it will be up the prosecutor to bring a case against the employer.  

      I hope this case gets elevated and someone steps up and offers this woman a job, even if it is temportary.  Someone's political beliefs shouldn't cost someone their job, but in the US it is for the most part legal.  

      ... now watch this drive.

      by jg on Mon Sep 13, 2004 at 06:34:22 AM PDT

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      •  As a good lawyer would argue (none)
        ...the criminal statute evidences the public policy of the state.  You wouldn't sue under the criminal statute, you would simply refer to it as expressing the state's public policy.  The cause of action would be "wrongful termination in violation of public policy."  The difficulty here would be arguing that the employer's actions were meant to intimidate her (or other employees) into voting in a certain way, rather than punishing her for her political views.  Again, a good lawyer could easily make this argument.

        I contacted a 'bama lawyer active in Dem state politics.  He's looking at the case and will get back to me.

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