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View Diary: Obama:  One Interview Down, One To Go? (238 comments)

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    observation from a former inhabitant of the "other side of the fence".
    I suggest that Faux news is not acting as anticipated.
    I do so because news corp is afraid of what would happen to their affiliates if they handled this poorly after what happened to ABC.
    News Corp. is very image occupied and base much of their advertising rate structure upon positive viewer ship ratings.
    With so many independents & republicans supporting Obama, especially in the south & heartland I believe that this interview is proof positive that Faux has taken notice of something the other MSM is avoiding.
    Fox will still toss out the red meat.  BUT when doing 1-1 they are being more circumscribed.
    Most revealing indeed.

    BarbinMD is most correct in making all too obvious observation that there is more than one community awaiting another opportunity to address Mr. Obama during this campaign season.
    I join BarbinMD in calling for a fresh opportunity to interview Mr. Obama.

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