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View Diary: Obama:  One Interview Down, One To Go? (238 comments)

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    "Broadway lays an egg..." a famous VARIETY headline about a flop. Well, Obama barely made an omelette with Chris Wallace. It was a big to do about very little. I don't think Senator O. said anything on Fox had not said elsewhere, and he seemed low-keyed and "well behaved." I did not see a lot of spark or personality, or much humor.
      He was his usual self -- and in so many ways that is good!! BUT how to get it into the White House?
     Ay! There's the question, and I see no good answer.
      My sister, a traditional Democrat from the liberal tradition, tells me "Obama is a damaged man; do we want two damaged men as president in a row?"
      I have to say, that sparks interest in me. I'll write about this more after I check out a few more facts. Ego-damage, very early-life loss and feelings of abandonment can lead, later on in life, to a bad lack of self-esteem -- and watch out, it can come out in very wicked ways. More on this later. It's a line of thought worth more examination. There is a certain passivity in Obama combined with an oddly arrogant naivetee that puzzles me. I can't quite get a grip on what he really is. Any psychologists on here want to chat that a bit?

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