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  •  About Icelandic sheep... (3+ / 0-)
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    mataliandy, eastmt, Stranded Wind

    A friend raises Icelandics. You will sometimes get a ram that is a throwback to the original wild sheep- she had one that was jumping every fence in the farmyard. She eventually had to butcher him- totally out of control sheep. Wonder if such a ram would be good for critter control.

    My friend relies on three Great Pyrenees dogs to guard sheep. Not sure if she has thought about a llama.

    •  We gots teh sheep (2+ / 0-)
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      mataliandy, Stranded Wind

      And a ram that is truly wild is probably not the best critter to have around.

      Any guard animal can work, but a male sheep with 'tude is a danger to people. We had a ram that we bought at an auction. Naturally, he seemed a little high strung, given the environment. What we didn't know, until we got home, was that he had been raised as a pet and his owners had played with his head.

      Seems innocuous, no? NOOOOOOOO! He had absolutely no fear of using his head to get his way, which meant butting. He beat the crud out of me one time - picture how Bighorn sheep rear up to knock heads.

      Even if yer escapee-sheepie wasn't aggressive, he's not going to prove to be much of a guard animal if he isn't near the rest of the sheepie-people, so . . .

      We have a mule (pony sized) who makes his will known. Both mules and donkeys are extremely accurate kickers. Sparky just doesn't miss.

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