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  •  Restaurants are a *big* part of the problem (6+ / 0-)

    The portion sizes are out of control at better restaurants.  Fast food restaurants are just feeding us crap.

    •  The Economy Will Cure That (2+ / 0-)
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      rontun, Stranded Wind

      For the price of a couple 'burgers', some fries, and sodas, I could buy a small cut of good meat, a bag of potatoes and fix up a real meal.  Fast food is nothing more than an act of pure desperation and impulse.  My shadow darkens those doors MAYBE 5 times a year, and 3 of those times are for a coffee milk shake only (an admitted vice).  Is it really that hard to make your spawn take an apple along to the animal rights rally when you think they might get hungry?

      For the price of a 'real' restaurant meal for 3, we could feed ourselves 3 days minimum.  It's getting to the point where 2 pizzas (sorry, NOT the garbage chains) are approaching the $40 mark.

      A few more years and they'll all be boarded up, overrun with weeds, and placed in the forgotten dustbin of this ridiculous era along with millions of gas pig transportation appliances.

      •  Yes! This is right ... (2+ / 0-)
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        AmericanRiverCanyon, rontun

        I found I was gluten intolerant about three years ago - I promptly dropped fifteen pounds without trying and my food budget has been cut in half. I simply can't go into one of those places and get anything at all to eat, and I've actually grown quite grateful for this.

        We're going to see a lot of restaurants closing as the Ginormous Banking Enema of 2008 really gets things moving and I imagine in retrospect many people will feel as I do - "I used to eat that stuff?

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