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    Cc inWinston

    Mr. Alohilani is white, but Puerto Rican.  He routinely gets put into that 'other' group that you do, as well.  Quite a few people find it hard to believe that he's Puerto Rican, since there's the belief that all Puerto Ricans are mixed.  Some are, some are not. And for him, as well as you, very few AA's have ever voiced any unease about his heritage. Especially once he states his name, since his name is so indelibly Spanish (an 18th century heirloom, to be exact). On the other hand, when my husband met a recent émigré from Spain, his new friend told him, "You and I are both alike.  We're both Spainards."
    But here, in America that's the way it is.  Sad and stupid.  

    Consign corporatism to the dankest crypt, and assign justice to the highest crag. For a More Perfect Union.

    by Alohilani on Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 02:11:17 PM PDT

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