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  •  Dan Rather - pissed (none)
    Man, Dan Rather must be pissed.  The coverage of Iraq on the Evening news was gruesome.  Showed the footage of the reporter getting killed, and that was the softest part.  The pentagon claimed minimal civilian casualties, but they showed footage of a destroyed ambulance and killed and wounded children, including a dead infant.  The footage was so graphic I'm positive they're gonna get a flood of hate mail.

    Also backed up the TANG documents again and made fun of the White House for not answering questions.

    •  He did look a bit cranky... (none)
      I really don't give a flying f**k if those documents were forged or not. I'm only 28, and just my college years would put Dubya and Kerry to shame as far as debauchery is concerned (I guess I'll never get to be president).

      It's maddening, really, watching dorks dissect fonts and typewriters and Microsoft Word. And if I read another story about how the "blogosphere" deserves credit for keeping this controversy going, I'm going to poop my pants.

      Soldiers and civilians are being blown apart every day in Iraq. Economy? Whatever. Healthcare? Whatever. Vietnam? I wasn't even born yet, so I really, really, really couldn't give any less of a sh*t.

      Has anyone checked out that Getty images site? Some powerful sh*t, man. If people in the states saw images like that everyday, we would be very soon be watching the last of the Americans gathering on the roof in the Green Zone, waiting for the last chopper out.

      •  Link? (none)
        Do you have a direct link to the images?
      •  Images (none)
        That is one reason for you to care about (or at least understand) Vietnam.  Images like those Getty images were published in Life Magazine every week.  The My Lai massacre, the napalmed little girl, Kent State.  All in a FAMILY magazine that was an icon.  It helped end the war.  

        That's what makes me sick to my stomach, knowing the censorship that we put up with now.  Where are all the freakin people who were outraged back then?  Oh yeah, sitting back and watching Kerry get skewered by these assholes while they fantasize about buying a new Hummer...

        And btw, Rather made his career by being tough on Nixon during Watergate.  Nixon famously refused to answer one of his questions in a big press conference by saying he didn't respect him.

        •  It's not that (none)
          I don't care about Vietnam itself, it's that I don't care about who did what, who served on what swift boat, who did or didn't fulfill his National Guard duty. It's not important to me. And it sure as hell isn't important to at least 1,000 people we all used to know and love. It's a sick, sick joke that the news is clogged with this bologna back-and-forth about Vietnam. They're both schmucks about it; Kerry says "reporting for duty" and trots out Veterans Who Like Me, while Dubya and his evil henchmen have the gall to somehow try and diminish Kerry's service. Bush is evil, and I'm voting for Kerry, but they can both go shit in a hat as far as I'm concerned.  

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