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View Diary: Eureka! Great Kerry idea (246 comments)

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  •  On NBC Nightly News (none)
    They used the TIME POLL - didn't even use the Newseek poll - the only they normally use. Frustrating eah.

    Well, if America gets four more years of George Bush they have nobody to blame but themselves. I don't wanna hear one fucking person whine about how bad it is.

    •  CNN has gone overboard lately (none)
      They always bring up the polls that show Bush up by the most...on Inside Politics, Judy Woodruff mentioned the Maine poll showing a tied race, but she didnt say anything about the Columbus Dispatch numbers. Probably because the Dispatch numbers prove how out of line their poll is...and how biased Gallup has become. It's sad, but the reality is we have a close race...nationally and state by state.

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