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  •  Not I (3+ / 0-)
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    rhfactor, churchylafemme, cybrestrike

    She doesn't have a distinguished legal background in any sense, has not show moral courage and shares her husband's interest in enrichment through sleazy deals and liaisons.  Would definitely be free to be as pro-business as I suspect she is.

    •  I disagree. that's a caricature of her (0+ / 0-)

      she is a very able very astute, flawed centrist politician. A difficult road to follow and have achievements on, but success is a mass effort, not done by a lone voice or a minority faction, ever.

       I believe she sacrificed her public career to be WJC's most reliable advisor and chief of staff, and possibly cost herself a Presidency (had the roles been reversed.)  However on the biggest issues and challenges of our time she has the small vision thing to be seen as credible and acceptable, instead of finding the way to bring the important things about. That is why she enables Bush, for instance.

       A councilman does snowplowing and street repairs, A Governor brings in budgets and disburses jobs and services,and a President charts the course for a country and leads in the important new things we must have or must do. The Oval Office  is not the same as lower levels, only bigger.

      We are finding out that some of our candidates have shortcomings in vision,or ability to organize and campaign, or keep leading. That was HRC's biggest negative, the failure to lead in the Democratic Party and the nation. It is why she will lose this primary fight.

      McCain: Unlike most Repub licans, he HAS dropped bombs on a people and country that did not attack America. It fits: Warmonger

      by Pete Rock on Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 07:13:54 AM PDT

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      •  I don't believe what I presented (1+ / 0-)
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        Pete Rock

        is a caricature.  I think it's a fair appraisal.

        I do have thoughts on whether or not she sacrificed her career for his, but think it's better not to go down that road.  We really have no idea or evidence on the subject.

        I completely concur that the presidency requires a qualitative leap beyond what it takes to succeed in other offices..  It's not simply more or bigger.  Actually, I can give a parallel from academia.  A PhD isn't simply more courses, staying in school longer, etc.  In my field (science), it requires independent critical thinking and original research.  Very different from a BA or BS based almost exclusively on course work, much of it quite strictly defined.

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