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    Really confirm that when it comes to this candidacy, folks are refusing to actually live in the United States of America as it exists today and analyze this candidacy in that framework.  As opposed to some utopia in which a Black person can be "not Black" that simply does not exist.  If Barack Obama were not Black, with expectations about what an appropriate Black candidate should be (post-racial, in the minds of the majority; a poser, in terms of blunt language) none of this would be happening.  It is precisely because he is that this has happened (see John McCain for the counterexample.)  Yet majoritarian folks are all hincty because Black folks like me have the same mindset - he's a Black candidate with expectations accruing to the role - yet have expectations that differ from theirs and run somewhat counter to them, especially when it comes to what it means to be a Black president.

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      People running for office, especially in divided media-driven societies with a conflicted and often shaemful racial history, do not have the luxury of playing action hero. Yes, it would feel nice for Obama to stand up and denounce those who have exploited Wright, as some of the media clearly have - but then, Wright has said some deeply foolish things.  

      For example,no serious analyst of AIDS believes it was the result of a government conspiracy, and for Wright to say this, relying on one, rather unusual book was simply wrong.  Equally, Wright is not the black church, but one pastor of a black church.  Trying to drag the black church (or churches, to be more accurate) into his own troubles was a cheap way of playing victim, and was rightly received with some annoyance and disdain.  I don't disagree, by  the way, with his views on the chickens coming home to roost, or God damn America - those are legitimate, if not necessarily popular views.  

      We don't live in a golden age of reason, or deeply argued political discourse. You can't expect Obama to pretend to do so.  He showed a lot more courage and humanity than many others in his Philadelphia speech, and once Wright decided to cut loose in his Q&A, I don't think Obama had any real choice left.

      I would also say that Obama has consistently tried to stay out of the race-blame gotcha game - on both sides. He's consistent in this, and I think has won the respect of many people by being so. You can't ask him to go back to what he sees as a destructive way of thinking. He wants to be American, not black, not white - and I think he is absolutely right to do so.

      I support the good guys. In fact, I am the good guys... Now, hand over your money, Prince John, or the teddybear gets it! (Robin Hood, age 6)

      by bluemass on Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 04:10:48 PM PDT

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