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  •  you must be a sad person (0+ / 0-)

    to call me a white supremacist thinker?  honestly.  think about that for one minute. read my diary history; review the work i've done with the campaign.

    i'm a skinhead.


    •  I Did think about it (0+ / 0-)

      Which is why I wrote what I did.   You presumed, possessing no life experience of being a Black person whatsoever, to tell a Black person expressing her opinion about Black people what is or is not "harmful for Black people".

      That's white supremacist.  That it was also unconscious on your part doesn't mean anything - it's usually unconscious in us all, because that's how our country and our culture trains white folks to think about non-white people; as if they know anything about what is or is not appropriate for, let alone good for them.

      Sorry you can't handle that.  Perhaps some Tim Wise will enlighten you.

      •  look (0+ / 0-)

        say what you want about me but you don't know me.  my experience is not that of a typical white person. i was part of an interracial marriage for several years during which I did see the world through a different set of eyes. Being the only white person at christmas or new years on chicago's south side certainly lends one to a different perspective.  presently i'm in a similar situation within a latino family.  personally, i don't have any personal prejudices.  i look beyond race.  your own racial pride however clouds your vision and convinces you that you're somehow in a position to judge obama for actions he took in his own self defense and which were required by the situation. to quote the reverend on good morning america this morning, wright was 'tripping' and obama had to come out to shut that shit down.  

        be as righteous as you want, but you should look beyond that day and moment and celebrate the candidate for the policies he stands for.

        •  Who Cares about your Interracial Marriage (0+ / 0-)

          There are a lot of folks in interracial marriages, myself included.  IME, folks in them show as much insight or lack thereof on the issue of race in people do in mainstream marriages and sometimes a lot less.  IME, often they adopt an entirely ostriching position on the issue of race since it's emotionally quite painful at times to be in one and confront both self-identity issues having been raised in our white supremacist culture and the lack of understanding from outsiders to the marriage (speaking from personal experiences.)  Even worse, many raise kids that are completely confused on the issue of race and haunted by it once they leave the nest, IMO because they have had had little guidance and training in personal pride and strength in terms of being "not white', due to the utopian rather than reality-based beliefs of their parents, who believed that telling them "it doesn't matter" was better than telling their kids the sad truth and teaching them how to both live in and combat a racist world.

          But all that is secondary.  You continue even in this post to try and tell me what I should do instead of just expressing your opinion plain, and now have gone to the "I have/had Black friends" (in your case wife) to bolster your argument. And thus continue to prove my point.

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