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    I know that there is a lot of pain in separation. I don't think that Obama is out to get Wright or vice versa. But the fact of the matter is that the two men had philosophical differences that turned out to be irreconcilable. Dr. Wright saw Trinity as a light of reason in a sea of darkness, which he equated to racism and discrimination and the government actively working against the Black community. Obama saw his calling as moving beyond the kind of racial polarization that Wright talked about so much and create a post-racial America where we can bury the hatchet of Jim Crow.

    I don't think it is helpful to stoke the flames and claim that Wright threw Obama under the bus or vice versa. The two men had different paths -- Wright saw his calling as one of prophecy, where his mission was to speak out against the wrongs of this country. Obama saw his mission as that of bringing people together. The two men could not work together. If Wright had worked for Obama, he would have chafed under what he would have seen as censorship that he would have thought wrong -- silence means consent for him. Obama thought Wright was too divisive (he said so himself), and sought to keep him at arm's length.

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