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  •  What's that you say (0+ / 0-)

    2 states have twice the voting power of one state in a legislative body which represents states?  Say it ain't so.

    I also once heard a rumor that Delaware and New York have equal shares of power in the Senate, but that's to ludicrous to even consider.

    •  You're right (0+ / 0-)

      it's a "ludicrous," shameful relic of time when only white males were considered humans, and is one of the few great failures of our founders.  

      Like the disgraceful Electoral College, this outdated, profoundly un-democratic institution is routinely defended by people uninterested in a government that represents all it's citizens equally.  Republicans for instance.

      •  It's just as easy to say (1+ / 0-)
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        that California, Oregon and Washington together have 3x the voting power of Alaska or Hawaii.

        The founders understood the issues involved - that's why we have a compromise, in which Congress consists of a House in which states' representatives are proportionate to their population, and a Senate in which all states have the same number of reps regardless.

        What is your proposal for preventing a complete tyranny of the majority and for keeping minority issues from going unaddressed?  A majority's not always right, and a majority is always going to focus on its own interests.

        I happen to be a Californian big-city dweller, by the by.  I just don't think people in Wyoming should be screwed over completely because they live in Wyoming.  If you think California is lacking for political power, I don't know what to say.  Except that in some ways it reminds me of the mentality of those who are uber-rich but bemoan the "unfairness" of progressive tax brackets and bitterly complain about the 10% rate of the lowest bracket (often misrepresented as zero) while blithely ignoring the pittance of income those households have.

        •  States don't have rights in a democracy (0+ / 0-)

          Citizens do.

          What you're advocating is that millions of Californians should be ruled by a few thousand people in Wyoming.

          The founding notion of our democracy is that all people are created equal.

          Under your concept, your "equality" should depend on what state you happen to live in.

          Your "tyranny of the majority" is called democracy.  There are millions of people in small states who suffer from it every election cycle all across the South, in every winner take all election.  The votes for president of millions of black Americans literally don't count across the South because of the "states rights" concept you are advocating.  

          The same is true for the millions of Americans who are not-represented in the Senate merely because they live in big cities.  Like you, I, and the vast majority of people in modern America DO.  They have no say in where their tax dollars go, what their  Supreme Court looks like, or when their children are sent to war.  Instead a handful of folks in tiny states get to decide for them.  That is not only "undemocratic," it is patently wrong.

          Perhaps you're not comfortable with equal representation for all Americans under the law.  But that is what the Democratic Party is about.

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