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  •  This is too many "mistakes" for it to be credible (10+ / 0-)

    I'm not buying it for a minute.  

    To believe Podesta we would have to believe that the WVWV Board is (a) completely out of touch, and (b) was never informed of the host of earlier complaints made to WVWV in regard to their earlier efforts.

    To put it politely, bullshit.  How stupid does Podesta think we are?  As importantly, how stupid does Podesta think the legal authorities are?  They appear to have been playing with fire in twenty-four states and only now, and finally, are they being called to account.  But given that they have had a string of problems before, their credibility cannot be accepted as a given, but rather as at least highly questionable, probably actionable.  So much for ideals, eh?

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