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  •  When Pundits Ask, This is the Real Barack! (3+ / 0-)
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    When Barack first entered the public arena, he said We all pray to an awesome God! That we are not red states or blue states but the United States... and that is his simple message and goal, to unite Americans.  With nothing to gain, Barack said this at the Democratic National Convention for Kerry when he reached out to all Americans -- not just the Democrats!  However, they have tried to skew it by stating he does not even pray to the flag, he's a Muslim -- and going forward they (the forces of Materialism and Corprate Greed) will do all they can to confuse us, but if you go back to your first introduction of Barack, at the Democratic Convention, you will realize that that is who he really is!  

    Republican-controlled Media wants to keep us blindsided by Rev. Wright because it divides us as Americans and does not unite us.  They don't want us united, to find our Powerbase, which would be to their demise.  We must not let them blindside or brainwash us again and take us down a path like the Iraq war... there are WMD's -- Iraqi oil will pay for the war and yet our gas prices have never been so high -- economy is good, and a host of  misleading statements, sniper fire included.  We have a man in Barack who is aunthentic, honest, who truly sees a way for us to be united and to work on our common goals... He is not an elitist, that is another attempt to blindside us and divide us!  God Bless America!

    Mike Huckabee was right-on in his recent comments regarding Rev. Wright and his need to stay bitter to justify his anger against some people in America, an anger and bitterness that Barack does not share.

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