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  •  I guess I'm wondering, (4.00)
    though, because did anyone here on dKos honestly think this contest was going to be anything but a mean, vicious dogfight? Everyone admitted that it would be in the spring and early summer. Now that it's here, people act like there's something seriously off-kilter with Kerry, when actually it's par for the course.

    There was never going to be a scenario with Kerry ten points ahead. It was always going to be close, so why the doom and gloom now? Bush's convention bounce is fading and Iraq is in meltdown. These two dynamics will bring the polls back to a tie before the debates. After that it's a sprint to the finish.

    Yes, I wish we had the media on our side. Yes, the Kerry campaign should be better at Branding 101. Yes, in an ideal world the great majority would see Bush for the dangerous fearmongerer he is. But instead we're going to have an extremely close election that will be decided by whichever side does better GOTV.

    I'm not directing this to you specifically, JMS. I guess I just wanted to express the idea that this is no time for Kossacks to go wobbly, to quote the immortal line of Margaret Thatcher.

    Bush belongs behind bars.

    by orchid314 on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 12:04:54 PM PDT

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