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  •  WE??? ... (3.50)
    Is that a pistol in your pocket?  WE should probably speak for thyself.  WE are democrats who are voting for Kerry because he is an honorable politician running for the presidency against a tyrant and a family who have hijacked our coutry.  

    Kerry is doing this so we don't have to and WE are proud and grateful.  WE also know he will serve us well.

    And one last thing ... WE will win despite your WE.

    •  Let's see, we were ORDERED not to make (none)
      the link between "honorable discharge" recipients Bushit and "DC Sniper" because the person giving the order would be offended.

      No, his imagined "We" would be offended.

      I, for one, am notorious for not obeying the dictates of self-important tyrants.

      There are those who whine that they are "we," but that no one will seek them out, while they sit on their buts and wait, in order to make them a "we".

      Sometimes one must get off one's ass and got to the "we" in order not only to be part of that "we" but also to get a clue about what "we" are up to.

    •  Hmmm (none)
      If the ideal behind the democratic party is that the people serve the politicians.. i am apparently in the wrong party.

      If however the idea is that the political leaders serve the people.. i am in the correct party.

      "I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn't do my job." - pRresident Bush | My other Drunken ravings

      by cdreid on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 11:50:17 PM PDT

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