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  •  yea, but..... (none)
    I've noticed a tendency for complaining, then others offering optimism, then the complainers being pissed that they're not being allowed to vent and are being talked down.  It all has a rather boring sameness to it.  But to the extent that venting is therapeutic, then bitch away. But you're not going to convince me that it in any way helps our candidate.   He's not doing this, he's not saying's friggin' hard to unseat an incumbent President!  This could be Kerry's last campaign, let the man rise or fall and then get out the champagne or sharpen the knives on Nov. 3.  
    •  agreed, but.... (none)
      I think your description of the cycle of complaining followed by optimism is on the money. But I would go farther than you did in saying you're not convinced it helps our candidate. I'm convinced it's actually hurting.

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