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  •  Thank you, Stephanie (none)
    Bushit's campaing "events" are Republican-only.  With loyalty oaths.  And even Republican's have difficulty getting in.

    All attendees applaud on Pavlov cue.  A tapedsoundtrack would be less expensive.

    Kerry doesn't screen those who attend his appearances in effort to ensure he gets only applause.  He even deals with hecklers with a light touch.

    Which of the two has courage?  Which of the two is about leading all, not only the Republican minority, and screw every one else?

    Which is willing to take the risk that is non-control-freak?

    Kerry isn't generic, but he isn't Bushit. Kerry isn't Bushit, he's mature, thoughtful, and sober.

    Kerry isn't a coward who hasn't a clue that others than his instructedly adoring screened swooners exist.  That there is another "America" that doesn't beg to be oppressed, and for lies to swallow whole.

    I've been watching Kerry since he first became a public figure.  He's a leader, unlike Bushit, who must constantly claim he is because he isn't, exactly as FOX must claim it is "fair and balanced" because it isn't.

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