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  •  Emphasis on "right now" (none)
    It is 48 days before the election and you want to spend more time beating up on the media than getting out the vote.

    Unlike the 1970s and part of the 1980s, it is not a matter of influencing editors and producers.

    When Ronald Reagan started de-regulating the content of news programs by ending the "fairness doctrine", the national media became subject to the political views of owners and managers.  And you are not going to sway owners in 48 days.  We will deal with them only when we have control of the Presidency and the Congress.  Media is a means to an end, and that end is to turn out the vote.  However, the most effective way to turn out the vote is with a large number of volunteers working together to turn out the vote for their candidate.

    Do you think that Brokaw, Woodruff, and company went over to the dark side just because they saw something differently.  Heck no, they want to make the big bucks; they want to save their jobs.

    To understand this, look at what is happening to Dan Rather.

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