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    pacific city, mrblifil

    Dying on the track is not more common for fillies vs colts, actually it's the complete opposite.  You have to take into consideration alot of vital information.  Such as vet checks, xrays, is the horse a bleeder, does it have spurs or splints, etc.  Allot of trainers are to blame for entering horses that aren't ready.  

    In my 15 years, I've had 1 horse die, and that was due to being clipped by another horse after being pushed to the pole.

    There have been 3 fillies that have won the KY Derby.  Winning Colors, Ruffian and Genuine Risk.

    Please do not make light of this, it's sad, this is not a political battle of what candidates horse won or not.  

    A horse died and it's not funny.

    I'm sorry I get very emotional about this.  I own 7 horses that are almost like my children, there spoiled rotten and I love them dearly.

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