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View Diary: NC early votes huge, 326,341 Dem ballots in, 39.3% Black (289 comments)

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    About Lee Atwater (doing a paper that I should be working on right now). One thing he said was that a good ground game can get you 3-5 points, and if that doesn't make the difference, you were never going to win anyway.

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      Dave Sund

      Clinton was originally expected to win PA by 20 points, and she only won by 9. That's far more than that 3-5 points you're reading about.

      There hasn't been a campaign like Obama's and that's clear, so using past projections and assumptions just don't work with what's going on with his campaign.

      He's bucked expectations ever since the primary began.

      Using Hillary's Logic, IF my Aunt had balls she'd be my Uncle.

      by Ambboogie on Sat May 03, 2008 at 06:51:21 PM PDT

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