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View Diary: FUEL FOR THOUGHT: "Let Them Eat Ethanol," Dubya (6 comments)

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    She is the corporate owned candidate. This is why there is no mention of the blue dress but the "news" has Wright 24-7. The corporations are afraid of Obama. The corporate overlords do not want him to win because he is for you. When I tell sane people, that mention the viral whispers about Obama , people who by their natural ways should be Obamamaniacs, that he is not financed by corporations and not beholden to them so they will lie to destroy him. So in this light do you think that what you are "hearing" about him might not be true. The reply is maybe not. We gotta be turning around people for the general election starting now. So keep pointing them in the right direction even if your primary is already over. Besides you never know where your words will be repeated. This person might know somebody in the next state who is unsure of Obama because he is "going to make the whites slaves" (oh the things that people believe) Hillary has really used the racist fear well. Working class is code for racist whites. A guy said he "would never vote to put that black in the white house". I bit my tongue and buried my shock and cooly asked him "how does that works? I don't understand ? Explain it to me how that works?" He started back pedaling and said something like "you'll probably say I'm a racist and maybe I am but I won't ever put no nigger in the White house so they can turn the table and take revenge for slavery."... End of conversation but now he was not attacked but rather gently invited to revisit his own opinion and examine the basis for it and expose any places where change might be a good thing...or not, but by not confronting I will have another shot at him later to gently steer him to tolerance and understanding. 20 years of MLM training comes in real handy when networking and recruiting  for the worlds best candidate. I've got your back Obama.


      Hillary & McCain can have 'em. Obama has the 60% who never vote, until now, and the twenty percent that's left that aren't redneck assholes. The secret to the landslide win that's coming in November for Obama is that he is energizing the largest "base" out there, the "None Of The Above" voters who have never been given a choice before.

      What we need to do is stay involved after the election, and continue to throw the weight of numbers behind Obama so he can crush the corporatists and keep them crushed. Then and only then can we get our country back, and back on the right track.

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