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  •  McCain strategically appealing to already insured (5+ / 0-)

    McCain and the Republicans are making a strategic political decision. They know that the uninsured and the underinsured are not going to vote for him anyway, so he is trying to make his appeal to those who already have decent insurance by promising a tax credit. This is similar to Bush's privatization of social security attempt that said, "We can maximize your returns on your payroll tax investment in social security by letting you put it in private equities, and damn those for whom this is not an option."

    But he really hasn't thought this through. The $5K tax credit will buy nothing. The average cost for a family's insurance is $12k. Furthermore, the loss of a tax credit to businesses will cause them to drop coverage. Even the insurance companies will not like less money available to buy their policies.

    In the end all he has is false slogans. "Socialism." "No choice of doctors." "We'll be like Europe and Canada."

    •  I agree. That's how he will sell it to the public (2+ / 0-)
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      barbwires, Pris from LA

      But what he is really doing is taking care of business as usual. Everyone knows that corporate America has be whining that they can't compete with overseas companies that do not pay for health insurance.

      McCain's plan is a way for companies to stop offering health insurance to their employees.

      There. Now they can compete. Get it?

    •  And voters who hear "we'll be like europe" (3+ / 0-)

      with the exception of the hard core wingnuts, are thinking to themselves, "that doesn't sound so bad."

    •  It is exactly that, they are appealing to their (0+ / 0-)

      base, and using buzzwords and fear to scare the ignorant who make up the majority of the electorate, the ones that catch the sound bite on the TeeVee, and the vapid "analysis" offered by corporate media hacks.

      "Change doesn't happen from the top down,
      it happens from the bottom up." Barack Obama

      by shpilk on Sun May 04, 2008 at 11:20:52 AM PDT

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    •  Actually, those are the people (0+ / 0-)
      his plan should appeal to LEAST if we frame it properly. I've heard it said the main rap against single-payer is peoples' fear of the unknown and their more-or-less satisfaction with their employer-provided health care.

      The problem with McBush's plan is that he will strip the insurance from those who have decent insurance right now, and I don't think this is at all hidden. He flat-out said at the health-care forum here Thursday that His plan would free consumers from being at the "mercy" of having employers make health care choices for them. And most people can do the math and figure out that the tax credit won't cover what they get now from their employer; they also understand the lack of negotiating power you have as an individual.

      We're retiring Steve LaTourette (R-Family Values for You But Not for Me) and sending Judge Bill O'Neill to Congress from Ohio-14:

      by anastasia p on Sun May 04, 2008 at 04:38:59 PM PDT

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