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View Diary: Has HRC seriously damaged Barack Obama? (42 comments)

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    but that door swings both ways.  I don't think the Repub really want to get into a debate about wacky pastor's, elitism, Iraq, the economy etc.  McCain is strong right now because no one is paying attention.  Remember all the time Rudy had in FL and every one thought because he had so much time, it would benefit him?  Well, we see how well that turned out.  It was all about momentum.  Obama will have that.  

    There are loyal supporters on both sides but there are also plenty of people that didn't vote in the Primary and are just going to vote for the Democratic nominee.  Not to mention when Obama starts campaigning and the big rallies really get going, McCain will look very old fast.  You will see the contrast of a young, energetic guy and McCain.  Image is everything.  By November, it will be Clinton who.

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