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View Diary: Bush requires loyalty oath even from soldiers (100 comments)

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  •  link? (none)
    Even that guy in "Control Room" who simply showed some understanding of Arabic journalists is being pushed out of the military.

    Got a link for this?

    •  Here's one (4.00)
      This is from Salon:

      [Lt. Josh] Rushing comes across as a sympathetic character in the movie -- earnest and thoughtful, a patriot and a skeptic -- with shrewd observations about partisan media coverage (Al Jazeera and Fox) and the failure of U.S. media to fully explain what is happening in the Middle East. But now the Pentagon has silenced Rushing, 31, ordering him not to comment on the movie. And as a result, the 14-year career military man, recently promoted to captain, plans to leave the Marines, his wife told Salon in an interview Thursday.


      Paige Rushing, Capt. Rushing's wife, said her husband is now trying to leave the Marines because of his treatment over the issue. Rushing enlisted when he was 17, and has been in the military ever since.

      "I think he's been on the precipice of moving on with his life," Paige Rushing said. "He's been doing this his entire adult life, and he's looking for something that would allow him more creative freedom, and maybe more freedom in general. I think this is the straw that broke the camel's back for him, just feeling so muzzled and restricted."

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