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View Diary: Bush requires loyalty oath even from soldiers (100 comments)

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  •  Not really security (none)
    If a potential assasin had infiltrated the US military, he would know enough to pretend to support the president.

    This is about politics. Bush's handlers didn't want him disturbed (or the photo-op ruined) by tough questions.
    •  The Potemkin President (none)
      A Potemkin village is so called after Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin, who had elaborate fake villages built in order to impress Catherine the Great on her tours of the Ukraine and the Crimea in the 18th century. The goal was to deceive the Tsar into believing that these newly-conquered regions were prosperous and supportive of her regime, when in fact they were miserable pestholes where the serfs were starving and everybody hated her.

      Today we have the Potemkin President, whose advisors, like Aleksandrovich Potemkin, are careful to present him only what they want him to see. They want him to see that everybody is prosperous and supportive of his regime, when in fact inflation-adjusted income after taxes and health insurance payments has been plummeting for the past four years and at least half the populance hates his guts.

      The whole goal of the "loyalty oaths" is to protect the President -- to protect the President from reality. If Bush was aware of reality, he might behave in ways that his handlers, all of whom have their own agendas, did not expect or desire. Thus, like Saddam Hussein in the last years of his regime, we too are ruled by a cossetted fool who has no idea of reality and really does believe that Iraq is now a democratic paradise other than a few dickheads who occasionally shoot at our soldiers. Unlike Saddam, Bush is not essentially insane, but if the reality he lives in is not the reality on the ground, his actions can certainly seem insane.

      The reason the Bush administration has to be kicked out is not because its ideology is horrendous, but because, from a functional point of view, it is delusional and incapable of addressing reality and solving real problems.

      - Badtux the Realistic Penguin

      Sign of the endtimes #532341: I agree with Pat Buchanan about something (Iraq)

      by badtux on Thu Sep 16, 2004 at 10:48:31 AM PDT

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