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View Diary: Bush requires loyalty oath even from soldiers (100 comments)

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  •  Support of A != opposition of B (none)
    Not only that, but UCMJ doesn't extend to family members. As far as the UCMJ is concerned, they don't exist. Only the actions of the soldier is relevant.

    Another point: IIRC the restriction applies only to commisioned officers, not to enlisted. Officers are held to a higher standard, and the restriction is supposed to prevent any attepts at a coup d'etat. The military isn't supposed to be a political tool.

    In gamer's slang, these Bush supporters are munchkins. A munchkin is a player who exploits the rules, often up to the point of cheating. If a munchkin is caught, he will whine about how unfairly he's being treated, and do everything in his power to win over the arbiter.

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