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  •  You didn't read the post very carefully (0+ / 0-)

    By saying that Bush's lack of experience is why he was disaster and comparing his experience to Obama's...

    Wrong and wrong. I don't say that Bush's lack of experience is the reason he was disastrous. Quite the opposite: I say his second term was a disaster despite his experience. And I don't compare his experience to Obama's. I say that, unlike Obama, Bush had no national/international experience.

    •  I read the DIARY carefully. What I responded to. (0+ / 0-)

      The diary attacks McCain because of McCain's hypocrisy in supporting inexperienced Bush over experienced Gore.

      That scores a minor point against McCain but ends up comparing Obama's experience to Bush's and Bush was a disaster in part because of his lack of experience.

      The diarists argument hurts Obama more than McCain.

      The Obama argument is that experience is only as good as the judgment it produces and Obama's experience has produced the best judgment on the most important US national security issues, oil, Iraq and terrorism.

      •  You're confused (0+ / 0-)

        First, I'm the author.

        Second, I'm not attacking McCain for supporting an inexperienced Bush. I'm saying he cares about experience only when it's convenient to make a case for a Republican or against a Democrat.

        Third, I am not comparing Bush's experience to Obama's for the reason I already said.

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