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  •  I just don't see any way that this would work. (3.16)
    Just remember, part of the campaign is a poker game. Or just about any other competitive game:

    1. Baseball. My favorite scene from a baseball movie was in Bull Durham when Kevin Costner's character, the catcher, walked back to the plate after an argument with the young pitcher over pitch selection and said to the batter, as he crouched down behind the plate, "fast ball". The batter, of course, hit it out of the park.

    2. Football. Superbowl XXIX. Late in the 4th quarter the 49er's got the ball back in time for one more play. Steve Young, who had left the game earlier due to having too big of a lead (23 points), was behind center again and Deion Sanders, who had played corner all season, was lined up as a wide receiver. Everyone in the stadium knew what the play was going to be, but Young threw the ball just out of the reach of Sanders who, regardless, had his double-coverage beat. Of course they never would have done it without that huge lead.

    3. Basketball. I can't think of a particular play here but it seems that about 90% of the moves by the guy with the ball are intended to decoy the opposition.

    4. Soccer. Don't know anything about soccer, but that game is for girlie-men anyway.

    Back to movies. The Lion in Winter. King Henry of England (Peter O'Toole) is negotiating with King Philip of France (Timothy Dalton) over Henry's disinclination to give the Vexin back to Philip after Richard did not marry Alice. Henry baited Philip who, being young, inexperienced, and wanting to impress Henry, essentially spilled his entire strategy without realizing it. Henry ended the discussion, remarking that the result was very satisfactory.

    We want to be part of the game, and that's fine. But we will have to be satisfied with generating ideas and hoping that "they" are listening. The best that "they" can do will be to let us know that they are listening, so we don't feel that our brainpower is going to waste.

    No, data is not the plural of ancedote

    by MarkInSanFran on Wed Sep 15, 2004 at 09:50:51 PM PDT

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    •  Girlie men? (none)
      I should give it a 1...I should give it a 1...

      I can't but today of all days, with the Champions League in full swing, that someone should slam soccer yet again. My god. Stunning ignorance.

      Call Jaap Stam a girlieman, I dare you (that's him on the right).

      •  Just kidding! (none)
        No offense intended. And way to control the troll rating impulse!

        No, data is not the plural of ancedote

        by MarkInSanFran on Thu Sep 16, 2004 at 12:08:11 AM PDT

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        •  Here's the problem (4.00)
          If the Kerry campaign actually gets involved with DailyKos, that brings up a whole range of liabilities for both sides.

          The Kerry campaign can't afford to have another MoveOn/Hitler ad moment, where Republican hatchet men take some comment out of context and say "A website that John Kerry supports called Bush a "murderer" and a "fascist"!" I've read enough comments here on DailyKos to know that they could find plenty of material to attack Kerry with. It's disingenous and lame, but we know how Republicans work.

          Second, I think it would go against the spirit of this website to be censoring comments and trying to remain politically correct. Somebody in the Kerry campaign could post if they'd like, but the two Johns should probably keep their distance and do their own thing. Plus there are campaign finance issues to worry about, though I'm not a lawyer and can't say for sure...

    •  If soccer is for girlie men, (none)
      then 90% of the male population are girlie-men, should be an easy conquest. Don't put ideas in Cheney's heartless mind :-)

      Off topic. I have a bunch of email invites, you can email me at sergioroger at gmail dot com

      and I'll send the invites.

      Fireflies light the night
      and Democracy the Earth
      both God's good design

      by sersan on Thu Sep 16, 2004 at 09:57:51 AM PDT

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