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View Diary: A weekend at Hagee's "Jesus Camp" for grownups (51 comments)

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  •  Some examples from here (8+ / 0-)

    I agree with you de, and have several examples from around here, both the more obvious ones to the more 'stealth' type.  

    1. A "face-painting" tent set up by one of the local churches at a lot of fairs and block parties.  (This was the first I had seen of this, and boy was I surprised to get a mini-sermon and pamphlet.) There is at least one thing like this at every fair and block party in the area.
    1.  A local indoor skatepark where any kids that go are strongly 'encouraged' to become involved with the church.  
    1.  The roller rink does not tend to explicitly proselytize, but is owned by very conservative Christians and there is a dress code to go there. (Yeah, it's questionable about whether this is recruitment or not.)
    1.  A presentation of "strong men" performing some amazing feats and basically wrestler-type performances, talking about their relationship with God in school which wrapped up with an invitation to see their presentation at a local church.  
    1.  The worst to me:  Something called "Released Time" in which the elementary school kids are given time away from class to go up to the church and hear a lesson for an hour.  The information about the program came with a flyer on how it is a Constitutional right to be allowed to do this.  
    •  One of the ministries at DH's church (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      snakelass, dogemperor, auroraborealis

      is the release time program at the middle and high school. I refuse to let our 17-year old participate for which she is eternally grateful.

      Btw, DH, in this case, doesn't mean dear husband. The "d" stands for something else instead.  

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