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View Diary: Missouri House Votes To Disenfranchise 240,000 (65 comments)

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  •  More to the point, (0+ / 0-)

    the Catholics, and especially the Catholic hierarchy, didn't care much either.

    Rids the Church of a few troublemakers, fine with them.

    I always found it curious how Catholic clergy were allowed to hold political office back when their conservatism could be safely assumed.  Once that was no longer the case, you had to practically defrock yourself (Fernando Lugo) or be expelled from the priesthood outright (Jean-Bertrand Aristide) if one wanted to be politically involved -- on the "wrong" side.

    •  I disagree a bit (0+ / 0-)

      I do think that the average Catholic would care as well as many parts of the hierarchy.  I'm thinking the same pro-immigration voices within the church in America are also the ones who would be upset over this.

      Catholics dabbling in politics was only allowed if the Church could call all the shots, say the Vatican States in Italy, the Pope's own private fiefdom.  Aristide OTOH wasn't part of the hierarchy and was already a rouge priest and opportunist.  He was no angel alas....

      •  About half of your average Catholics (0+ / 0-)

        yes.  Not much of the hierarchy above the rank of monsignor.

        Aristide was no angel, indeed, but neither was Ignaz Seipel, whose political career followed the demise of the Vatican States by about two generations.

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