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View Diary: What "Helping Clinton Retire Her Debt" Means (277 comments)

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    If Obama issued an appeal to help retire Clinton's debt, I suspect the response would be lukewarm.  Many supporters are giving him what they can, and given the negative aspects of Clinton's campaign, are probably not inclined to part with more hard-earned cash to transfer it to someone who has millions.

    That weak response would likely be interpreted as a slight by the same folks in the Clinton camp who are now claiming they'll vote for McCain.

    So at this point in the process, why pay the extortion fee?  

    Now, setting up some kind of reimbursement system via the DNC for small vendors stiffed by the Clinton campaign, and funded by an Obama-sponsored party effort, that could be worth something.

    Clinton '08 - Put a stake in it, it's done.

    by ColonelKlink on Sat May 10, 2008 at 06:51:54 PM PDT

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      I made a similar point to your last sentence just a couple of posts above yours. I think the vendors can be helped. It may reap some nebulous dividends

      "Scandals don't stay underground like cassava: they always come out" -- Ewe Proverb

      by zizi on Sat May 10, 2008 at 06:55:01 PM PDT

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