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    Nova Land, nonnie9999

    Contenders I found for 90's hit song/exclamation...

    Dammit, Asshole, Sugar

    expanding the definition of exclamation a bit, one could include...

    Whatever, Smooth, Sellout, Amazing, Please

    here's a list, a REALLY LONG list.

    I'm thinking we need a title containing A & S or T & O.

    "I suppose it's never any surprise that a sham, when it falls apart, falls apart so quickly and thoroughly." - from Sea of Tranquillity by Paul Russell

    by wayoutinthestix on Mon May 19, 2008 at 09:56:28 AM PDT

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      nonnie9999, wayoutinthestix

      This is interesting: the song title is not on that list.

      Now, I'm not all that up on pop culture, so I wondered if I'd made a mistake.  Nope!  I checked Google, and not only are there close to 20 million hits for the expression but the top few hits are a YouTube for the song, lyrics for the song, and a Wikipedia entry with the information that this was a number one song not only in the US but in another country as well.

      I have no idea why the song does not appear on the BradBoard list.  (I didn't go through the list line by line, but I did a search both for the title and for the group performing it and both searches came up with "string not found".)

      So my advice is not to spend too much time combing through that list trying to find the song.  But you have my word that, BradBoard list notwithstanding, this was a very popular and well-known hit song in the '90s.

      [invisible] Oh -- and I guess this means you can cross off any song which does appear on that list.  That's probably more help than I should give you, though, so perhaps I'll keep that little thought to myself. [/invisible]

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