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    Nova Land, nonnie9999

    I just assumed everyone was familiar with sais, since they were Elektra's favorite weapon and were featured prominently in a number of classic stories.

    You seem to think we all live and breathe comic books. Not me, at least. I didn't read them as a child or ever since. Sorry :)

    "I suppose it's never any surprise that a sham, when it falls apart, falls apart so quickly and thoroughly." - from Sea of Tranquillity by Paul Russell

    by wayoutinthestix on Thu May 22, 2008 at 07:20:55 PM PDT

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      I confess: I didn't really assume everyone was familiar with Elektra.  

      (I mean, she's a Marvel character, and all serious students of literature read DC.)

      This wasn't really a comics-related clue.  While I'm mainly familiar with the sai from its use in Elektra back in the 1980s, I think it's reasonably well-known outside of comics circles.  

      It should be noted that I did use only one comics-related clue this time, and that more from necessity than choice.  For line 6, I needed to add on the letters B N I.  Working backwoard from the longest word, I could see a good possibility in brains, brans, bras.  The catch was that left me with the letters A R S for the 3-letter word.  

      I had already used ars once, and it occurred to me to use it twice, with a clue for # 21 saying "Same as # 5" or "See clue # 5".  That idea had a certain appeal, and for a while I considered doing it.  But since # 5 was the middle item in a set of three, and # 21 was the third item in a set of three, that seemed likely to get people thinking that there might not be 3 words per row.

      I could have gone with Ras as in the plural of the Egyptian sun god, but I wasn't fond of that.  Fortunately there was a well-known comics character whose name fit those letters perfectly...

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