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    maxnyc, Seneca Doane

    Having worked with him on the slating of Pennsylvania delegates, I can vouch for the fact that he is extraordinarily thorough.

    In Pennsylvania, one of the states in which delegates file with the Presidential candidates and are voted on directly by the voters, he worked to see that each Congressional District had a delegate slate that balanced the goals of rewarding Obama workers, getting "name" people to the degree possible, having a slate demographically appealing to the district, securing loyal people, and meeting the various requirements in the Democratic Party rules for representation of women and minorities.

    The thoroughness continued with constant monitoring of whether or not approved delegate candidates were getting the required signatures, back-up candidates approved to take their place if necessary, organized help to get the signatures, careful monitoring of the nominating petitions before they were turned in, and full complinance with all of Pennsylvania's detailed requirements.

    The result is that Obama had a full slate of delegate candidates, and that Clinton was ten candidates short of a full slate.  The Obama lead would have been even greater--20 missing Clinton delegates instead of 10-- if Governor Ed Rendell had not used the excuse of a snow storm to extend the filing period for another day and a half.

    Obama was able to win this organizational task despite the fact that the vast majority of the Democratic Party organizations around the state were for Clinton, and that public opinion in Pennsylvania was for Clinton by a margin far higher than the final 9% Clinton victory.

    The Obama campaign has set new standards for ethical and effective professionalism, and Berman is certainly one of the reasons why.


    by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA on Sun May 11, 2008 at 04:30:14 PM PDT

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