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  •  But it seems like it is too late for the tunnel (0+ / 0-)

    What will you do if it goes on without the tunnel?

    •  I'll continue to fight for a tunnel (2+ / 0-)
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      pickandshovel, Anarchofascist

      It is a generational decision and I am amazed that the majority of the current crop of political leaders won't take a stand on this issue.  The above ground option is a barrier to pedestrian traffic, a barrier to car traffic, an eyesore, an environmental issue and a big mistake.

      It isn't like the monorail through Disney World, it is a barrier.

      That being said, I want Rail to Dulles and I will fight for the overall project, and if I'm eventually the last sane political voice demanding a tunnel, then I'm the last one standing.

      I won't stand in front of the bulldozers, but when it is time to build it above ground, I'll grudgingly support the overall project and do my best to make future decisions better than the ones voted on by my political predecessors.

      Thanks for the question. - Doug

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