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View Diary: Book Review: Tim Shorrock's 'Spies for Hire' (110 comments)

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  •  Eh, I'm not crazy. (13+ / 0-)

    You won’t read the words "ruling class" in Spies for Hire, and I’m sympathetic, because few writers who want to be taken seriously will unhesitatingly employ those words in public discourse these days. Not so much out of fear that Patrick Buchanan will redbait them as that many post-Cold War liberals will do so.

    Exactly.  You can't say that Bush is part of the ruling class, despite private schools and all the family money and a Dad who was top tier in the CIA.

    And for all the liberals, check out Albert Gore, Jr.'s family history.  Gore is ruling class, through and through--certainly far more benevolent, but ruling class nonetheless.

    Or Harold Ickes.  His dad was a Repub in the FDR admin., and he helped secure oil rights and military protection for ARAMCO in the Middle East.

    But we can't say any of this.

    Marx long ago wrote that the government was nothing but the executive committee of the ruling class.

    As for Senator Obama?  Either he knows it already, or he will soon find out, that the Presidency is held hostage by a shadow government--finance capital, bond holders, the Pentagon, the corporate press, and the National Security State.

    There is hope, but not for us.  

    Workers of the world unite--back by popular demand.

    by Kab ibn al Ashraf on Sun May 11, 2008 at 09:15:45 PM PDT

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