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    beholden to the Republican party. That the intelligence community is rife with the same The patterns of outsourcing seems on reflection to be unsurprising. After all BushCo has been constructing highly paid outsourced more controllable arms of the government for years and it runs all though every part of US society. The loyalists implanted all through the civil service feeds and supports the process.

    Blackwater for instance is just one more visible than the the rest of the hollowing out of the US public sector. The incestuous revolving door relationship with private industry using the Government as a training ground for their Lobbyists and outsourcing administrators has fundamentally weakened democracy. When everybody is for sale and everything is for sale the oligarchy ultimately holds all the strings more than ever. And it has been building up continuously since WWII but with the Nixonian Neocon Jr. reserve bench (Cheney and all the rest) ramping it up over the last 30 something years.

    When Daddy Bush went from the CIA to the Oval office via Reagan's presidency I did not think it healthy for democracy. I though there should be an amendment that prohibits intelligence people from running the country. That is all in the past - too late - The effective Putin-ization of the country has been accomplished. And while that sort of thing may have  some pluses in Russia, this process it is a big step backwards in the USA and is a retreat from what American Democracy should and can be. And as you said unlikely to be undone anytime soon.

    Until the empire retreats, it is hard to imagine that they will give them up.  

    The genie won't go back into the bottle.

    To paraphrase the old saying that War was too important to entrust to the generals.....these people feel Democracy is too important to entrust to ordinary people.

    Pogo & Murphy's Law, every time. Also "Trust but verify" - St. Ronnie

    by IreGyre on Mon May 12, 2008 at 12:54:33 AM PDT

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