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View Diary: UPDATED: Andrea Mitchell says Clinton may be out this week (?) (108 comments)

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    Andrea could have blown the lid off of Tuzla (since she was there) but did not.

    Also she's Greenspans wife.  The same Greenspan that Hillary offered a job to (br the we don't need no economists thing).

    Did you know that Obama is responsible for everything ever uttered by a black person and any supporter? Obama-Taking on the sins of the world since 1/03/08.

    by Shhs on Mon May 12, 2008 at 06:06:54 AM PDT

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      Why didn't she break that story?  Did she really think that it wouldn't come out????  That would have been a huge scoop, while, of course, burning the bridge to the Clintons forevah.

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