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View Diary: UPDATED: Andrea Mitchell says Clinton may be out this week (?) (108 comments)

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  •  I suspect that Obama has got the nod (2+ / 0-)
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    drmah, foufou

    in private, from enough uncommitted Supers, that
    they are with him.

    But they don't want to be seen as ending Hillary's
    campaign. They don't want to take the heat from
    Hillary's supporters. The Supers want Hillary to
    end it, to minimize the blowback for all involved.

    Obama is very smart and has a very smart, talented
    team. They know where they stand.

    The fact that Obama is now talking past Hillary and
    is mounting a de facto GE campaign tells me that
    the Supers are with him.

    That said, I see Hillary staying in this all the
    way. She's a "fighter", right?

    The fastest way for her to alleviate debt would
    be to get Mark Penn to tear up some of his invoices.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Penn gets compensated
    some other way (e.g. via a certain Presidental
    library) for doing just that.

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