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View Diary: CT-04 Musings, or why a district that's been Republican since 1969 will flip (17 comments)

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  •  Here's what I meant, hope it's helpful (0+ / 0-)

    Himes is ex-Goldman Sachs, which is going to be a source of great comfort in Greenwich (though perhaps Brown Brothers Harriman might have been preferable in Darien).

    He's young and dynamic, not unlike Shays 20 years ago.  

    According to his web site, he's an elder in his local Presbyterian church, so he won't be considered an outsider, as some of Shays' opponents have been over the years.

    And in my stereotypical-to-the-point-of-comedy WASP spheres of influence, I see a huge number of younger financial types giving far more to Democrats than Republicans, as they began to do in 2004. Young hedge fund managers tend to be considerably more liberal than old investment bankers.  One may think it a fine distinction, but it's not, and someone should write about this.  

    Also, as I wander around my local Episcopal church (I also wear khaki pants and tortoiseshell glasses, so fire when ready), I see a lot of unhappy older staunch Republicans to be sure, but a whole lot of discussion of the immorality of this war and excitement about Sen. Obama.

    Put it all together, and Himes may lose Greenwich and will get stomped in Darien, but win Stamford and Norwalk and Bridgeport and (yes) Westport and should be moving to Washington in January.

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