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    It's because we're supposed to be a moral society, according to their standards. They are very big on policing everyone else's behavior to make sure we're all good little conformists, and this kind of change both frightens and infuriates them. It makes them worry that their partners are going to come out to them and their marriages will break up, or their children will and that they'll never have "real" grandchildren (because they think that gays can't have children through "natural" means), and that they'll have to learn to be okay with two men holding hands in a grocery store, and on and on. The upshot is that they're afraid of change and they're fighting it with everything they've got.

    It doesn't help that their media machines have been terrorizing them for at least two decades about gay people and how we live. They have an incredibly skewed perception of us, and that perception is just not going to give in until they get examples - lots of examples - of gay people who aren't like the stereotypes. It's slow going.

    I have sympathy for them, because change scares me, too, but the fact is that they have to wake up and deal with it, because we're not going to go away or accept second-class citizen status.

    The truth shall make you free - but first it shall piss you off.

    by Killer of Sacred Cows on Thu May 15, 2008 at 07:44:26 AM PDT

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