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View Diary: Do Americans Pay Too Much in Federal Tax? (45 comments)

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    I think you've done it quite nicely. Many people simply do not trust the government to budget and spend money wisely. Much of this has to do with the way budgets are drawn and money is allocated.

    Government agencies, as the system is currently arranged, are discouraged from cost cutting. An agency is given a bucket of money for the year per their budget request. If that agency can perform its duties without spending all its money, it is not rewarded for saving money, rather it is punished the next year by being given a smaller bucket of money. Aside from making no sense, it encourages spending, wasteful or otherwise, and punishes fiscal restraint. Precisely the opposite of how successful private sector companies operate.

    Not to mention the whole earmarking process which, despite being a small part of spending overall, is still reprehensible. Consider Max Baucus' earmark in the recent farm bill as but one egregious example.

    "The time is long overdue to stop gullibly accepting the left's vision of itself as idealistic, rather than self-aggrandizing." - Dr. Thomas Sowell

    by jqmilktoast on Fri May 16, 2008 at 08:25:35 AM PDT

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