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  •  I disagree too. Im and Obama (10+ / 0-)

    supporter but the dude from Texas deserved it.   If your going to go on national TV at least know what your talking about.   Matthews has smacked down Buchanan on race and this jerk on appeasement in back to back nights.   I say kudos to Chris!!!

    •  i think chris got into it with buchanan the (5+ / 0-)
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      steveGA, theran, alba, petral, Dragon5616

      other night...asked buchanan if he wanted to live in a world where his (chris) children would essentially be color blind and not racist and buchanan couldnt agree, just kept insisting that this was not the world we lived in...buchanan knows that once race is not an issue he wouldnt have a platform but I liked the fact that chris put the question to him point blank...MSNBC could have put racist strategist under his picture after the exchange!

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