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View Diary: Conservative movement and media dying in a well deserved fire? (Bring popcorn) (19 comments)

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  •  Conservatism = Conserve Wealth for GOP Only! (1+ / 0-)
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    Unfortunately for Americans, Pres. Bush, McCain and the Republicans prefer to speak in half-truths and distortions of the truth, preferring not to find pertinent answers to the issues facing us today.  They think finger-pointing and speaking in a loud voice will deflect the attention away from their failing policies -- that we will forget that they fooled us before and that they will say and do anything to stay in power although their policies do noting to help the American people at large.   Gas prices are higher than ever before, as is food, failing schools, bridges and roads, jobs which go overseas or job closings, billions of dollars going to a war which should have never been waged and those dollars do nothing to help the Iraqi people who are still suffering and have very little electricity and adequate sewer facilities or use of their own oil.  We have record number of home foreclosures, medical bills which are going through the roof and thousands of people who have no health insurance at all.  Every year Democratic Senators and Congressman have to fight to even get a decent minimum wage for American workers while Republicans continually give theirselves an annual wage hike, yet it is the American people who hire them to work for people and not the corporations they bail out time and time again.  They pretend to be the Party of Family Values when they are really the party of special interest groups, corporations and greed!  They care nothing for suffering families -- college tuition has never been so high, barring thousands of young people from attaining a higher education and achieving the American dream.  Their tax code, again, benefits the wealthy and leaves out the American family.  They call themselves conservatives which is a nice way of saying they are selfish and like to conserve the wealth for themselves!  They make fun of the word "liberalism" like it is a dirty word when we all know liberal means to give amply and generously, something they want not to happen preferring to keep all the wealth and goodtimes for themselves and their corporate buddies.  

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