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    There is a part of me that understands why the population is not wild about the republicans, with the status of the country as a whole.  

    But there is also a cynical part of me that says, they, the republicans want to lose, given what is coming down the pike, primarily on a economic front.

    Having the democratic party hold the Presidency and the Congress puts them in seat of power and the seat of blame.  And if the republicans know anything, it is the art of blaming others for their screw-ups, if this is a screw-up.  Why else would they put a 73 (?) year old candidate in the running for the Presidency.  Certainly not to win.  Hell he could even be diagnosed with senility.  

    Follow the money and you will start to understand why maybe this is not just a far fetched idea. Make alot of money with questionable financial tactics, have the Supreme Court back you up so you don't have to take the blame (hence passing it off on the democrats) and wait so you can become the saviour and bail out America after the Dems have screwed it up (as the story will be told by the talking heads).  

    The other narrative that nobody will believe, but just might be the real story. Food for thought.  

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