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View Diary: Women Still Face Challenges: But It is Obama Not Hillary Who Will Have The Answers in 2009 (17 comments)

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    He has a good record on women's issues--- and especially on women's issues as they relate to class and race.  But the big problem is that people dont think in terms of women's issues as  related to working class women and women of color who still suffer today.  Many diaries by young women congratulate themselves for being the hiers to the old women's movement and how they have advanced so far, they no longer need to think about the suffering that older women went through, they don't look at the women who are still left behind.... because they tend to be invisible in our society.

    Do you support Obama?

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      I think you make a good point

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      As a Latino who sees himself as a supporter of feminism and  feminists, who learned his feminism in the democratic socialist movement, I really appreciate this piece. It brings together the whole picture. The struggles of different groups subjugated by the prevailing system of domination are tied together whether we see it or not. And it cannot be challenged unless it is challenged with the whole pciture in mind. We do have to emphasize particular issues and causes at given times, and most of us will put our energies in those areas we are most familiar with, but we won't get anywhere unless we get there together and aware that all oppression oppresses me. I appreciated the sociological and historical background in this diary. One small additional piece is that  several Latino feminists back in the 80's had to raise their own flag through what they called "Mujerista" movement to highlight the particularity of Latinas and their struggle within and outside our community.
      Kudos to a great piece. Obama represents in his life, work , and program the unifed perspective  that takes into account the whole picture that we need in 2008 and beyond. I just wish that the NARAL PAC had deferred their Obama endorsement till after the end of all the primaries as it has unnecessarily and dangerously complicated this already difficult and sensitive process. Let us unite as a single force to bring about change in November. After November we will have to keep the pressure on Obama and the Democratic Party to actually deliver what they promise. The struggle continues...


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