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View Diary: Women Still Face Challenges: But It is Obama Not Hillary Who Will Have The Answers in 2009 (17 comments)

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    I wish it had gotten more mojo.

    You're addressing a really complex set of ideas -- starting with the fact that putting feminists into a bin is like herding kittens. Makes feminism hard to write about, too.

    I think you've expressed an important aspect of feminisim -- that it is mixed bag of social justice movements. That is what makes it so complex. With only a few exceptions, women are de facto members of the oppressed social groups that need justice. In fact, the first wavers put suffrage on a shelf because they thought abolition was more urgent.

    In my diary where you commented yesterday, I tried to bin feminists so that I could talk about ideas that had come up in the primary election. While I was reading your diary today, it occurred to me that it would have been more correct to isolate the idea "women should vote for a woman in office above all else" and trace it to its 2nd wave roots -- rather than try to make a contrast between ideas put forward by 2nd wave and 3rd wave feminists.

    Clearly, there is a lot of overlap between the two groups, if they are distinct at all.

    While I was reading your diary, it also occured to me that this perceived generation gap amongst women voters could be a meme constructed by the HRC campaign. It has made a lot of hay to discredit Obama supporters as being young, naive, cultlike.

    Yours is a thought provoking diary. Thanks for the link.

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