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    I'd argue that Edward's biggest mistake was that he did not figure out how to get his message out without its cooperation.

    Upon reflection, I think you've nailed it. My (fairly uninformed) guesses:

    1. There was a presumption in the Edwards campaign that the generally favorable press he'd gotten in the 2004 campaign would continue, & no Plan B when the haircut & "angry" memes got play.
    1. The campaign emphasized organized labor too much as a basis for organization in preference to organizing youth & other "outsider" blocs. Edwards may have overestimated the degree to which tying Hillary to NAFTA would bring the OLM over to him.
    1. The campaign presumed that Edwards would attract the vast majority of ABCDs (Anybody-But-Clinton Democrats) as well as the youth/outsiders who'd have for all practical purposes nowhere else to go.

    Essentially, the campaign either didn't anticipate Obama or didn't take his campaign seriously, probably for the same reason the Clintonians didn't until too late: because in order to be a viable opponent BO would have to generate some sort of national credibility and create a ground game almost from scratch, both very low-probability events.

    (Again, these are just my wild-arsed guesses.)

    And that the best chance with Barack Obama we have is that he can do so.

    Exactamundo--continued organizing & voter registration is the best way to immunize the cause against the media's love affair with Geezer BBQ & fascination with the horse race to the exclusion of intelligent discourse.

    May I bow to Necessity not/ To her hirelings (W. S. Merwin)

    by Uncle Cosmo on Sun May 18, 2008 at 12:49:23 PM PDT

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